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Eagle Funding is a flexible finance organisation with strong links to many of Australia’s foremost non-bank lending organisations. This gives us the capacity to tailor comprehensive loan packages at more competitive rates than equivalent bank products, and generally in a fraction of the time.

We have broad experience across the range of mortgage, refinancing and loan markets, and our staff deliver a service that makes the whole process of financing as smooth and hassle free as possible. Better still, we can develop special plans for a wide range of circumstances including bankruptcies, mortgage arrears, self-employed and zero equity. Try getting those considerations from your local bank.

Having mortgages ourselves, we have a personal and professional understanding which shines through in our caring and flexible approach to our clients. With the capacity to draw funds from a variety of AAA rated Australian trustee companies and the like, our rates are consistently lower than most banks standard variable rates.

Remember, at Eagle you will be given your own after care consultant. It is their top priority to work with you to achieve financial success. Offering quarterly reviews they can keep you on track. It also means when you need help there is someone to talk to and not an automated phone system. If you are thinking of investing in a new property we can help you easily.

To learn just how much you can save by financing through Eagle Funding, simply click here or phone 03 8805 5077and speak to a caring Finance consultant.

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