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Debt Reduction

At Eagle Funding, we’re mortgage holders, just like you. We’re not rocket scientists … and our money-saving financing solutions aren’t rocket science either.

In just 30 obligation-free minutes, an Eagle Funds Loans Consultant will show you how you can save thousands on a typical Australian home loan, and pay it off years ahead of time. Our consultation won’t cost you a cent and we will work out a financial management strategy that will enable you to have savings success if you stick to the plan.

Thirty minutes of your time to save tens of thousands of your dollars. It’s not rocket science.

To ensure the meeting is valuable it is important to get an understanding of your financial situation. Just pile up all your regular bills, debts, credit card statements and loan statements so when our advisors meet with you, they can adequately asses your needs.

Most lenders assess households the same way. We look at each client’s unique situation.

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