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“When Eagle first called we were apprehensive, however our financial situation was not getting any better so we thought we would have nothing to lose by sitting with a Consultant. We have refinanced now and our situation couldn’t be better. Over the past seven months our money has been working for us and our loan balance proves this. We could not believe how easy it was”
Kay Collins

“It was great that we were able to ask all our questions face to face. Getting straight answers from the Banks can be really difficult. Most Lenders tell you that it is possible to pay off your loan sooner however they don’t take the time to show you how to do it. Eagle did take the time to get us on track and we appreciate it.”
Samantha and Gary Wright

“When Eagle called for our quarterly review I couldn’t believe it. We talked about our new loan and how it was working for us and they gave us new relevant industry information. The after service personal consultant has been great. This personalised service is usually only given to the Banks’ valuable clients, at Eagle all clients are valuable.”
Ralf & Sonia O’Shea

“The bills were pilling up on the table we just could not get our finances in control. Through consolidating our debts it’s freed up our cash so we could begin to reduce the size of our loan.”
George and Maria Tandos

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